Capacity: 1,200 / 2,400 lbs.

WJN5 / WJN10

Hydraulic workshop crane for auto workshops and service vans

  • Foldable within seconds for quick and easy storage
  • When folded the crane takes up a minimum of space on the workshop floor
  • Jib arm with large lifting capacity – even in 5th position * See capacity table
  • Hard chromium plated ram and pump piston for long life
  • Built-in safety overload valve
  • Fitted with 2 casters and 2 fixed wheels for easy maneuverability even with the maximum load
  • Lifting hook pivots 360º
  • Hand operated dead man’s release for optimum safety while lowering
Hydraulic workshop crane for auto workshops Capacities of jibarm Hydraulic workshop crane for service vans Hydraulic workshop crane

Technical data

Capacity1,200 lbs.2,400 lbs. 
Lifting height79.53 - 92.13 in.79.53 - 92.13 in. 
Jib arm37.60 - 54.13 in.37.60 - 54.13 in. 
Frame height4.92 in.4.92 in. 
Frame length55.91 in.55.91 in. 
Height59.84 in.59.84 in. 
Inner width38 in.39.57 in. 
Frame width42.91 in.44.49 in. 
Weight165 lbs.209 lbs. 
Drawing of fold away workshop crane WJN5 / WJN10