Capacity: 4,400 lbs.


High lifting jack ideal for SUVs and vans

  • Very low minimum height of only 3.15 in.
  • Wide and robust frame made of high-strength steel
  • Fitted with quick-lift pedal for easy reach of lifting point
  • Precise and safe control while lowering
  • Manual dead man’s release for optimum safety when lowering
  • Built-in safety overload valve
  • Noiseless wheels incorporating a polyurethane central O-ring offers maximum surface protection
  • Ergonomically designed handle ensuring positive and safe operation
High lifting jack ideal for SUVs Quick-lift on high lifting jack High lifting jack for vans High lifting jack ideal for SU Vs and vans

Technical data

Capacity 4,400 lbs.  
Min. height 3.15 in.  
Max. height 31.30 in.  
Length frame 37.40 in.  
Length handle 37.40 in.  
Frame height 8.66 in.  
Width 19.69 in.  
Weight 108 lbs.  
Drawing of hydraulic jack DK20HLQ


  • GS1

    Accessories hydraulic jacks, Rubber cushion GS1
  • T3

    Accessories hydraulic jacks, Cross beam adaptor T3
  • FDK1 / FDK2

    Accessories hydraulic jacks, Extension FDK1 / FDK2