Safety was paramount

Karosseriefachbetrieb Bernd Reichelt

Karosseriefachbetrieb Bernd Reichelt service a wide range of different vehicles from cars to lorries and buses. In connection with a modernization and expansion of the workshop, they invested in a 2-column inground lift.

The wide range of vehicles imposes demands on the mechanics’ flexibility and the design of the workshop.  Our existing workshop had become too small and was very much in need of modernization.  When we built a new workshop in 2016, we had to make safe choices that would guarantee us maximum flexibility.

We didn’t want to have a pit. A pit means less floor space. For example, if you need to lift buses by 18 meters, then you need a pit 22-24 meters long to be able to do the work efficiently. It takes up too much floor space and a pit also limits the mechanics’ ability to work ergonomically.

So, we were looking at lifts from the get-go. The lift brands manufactured in Europe are of high quality, but it can be difficult to determine exactly what differentiates one lift from another. We therefore decided to visit other workshops to test different lifts. We wanted a safe and ergonomic lift that could be tailored to our specific needs and requirements, and that was exactly what we got with the inground lift from AC.

It was especially important for us that the lifting cylinders are completely protected in the square lifting columns.  This means that we don’t have to worry about damaging the cylinders when we weld or use the angle grinder. We haven’t seen this kind of added safety in other types of lifts.

Workshop Owner Bernd Reichelt