Telescopic air hydraulic pit jack

  • Lowered design doubles usability compared to standard pit jacks
  • Low construction height with a long stroke
  • Rapid and precise air hydraulic unit with high speed ram travel
  • Simple modern design with control panel at ergonomic working height
  • Adjustable frame designed to fit all pits
  • Transversal sliding ram – locking at 800 kg
  • Dead man’s release and safety overload valve for optimum safety
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  • Note: The support arms are not a part of the product and must be ordered separately. When ordering please fill out the specification form
Pit Jack Telescopic Jack Telescopic Pit Jack Pit Jack

Technical data

Capacity15 t
Stroke1280 mm
Min. height900 mm
Max. height2180 mm
Width¹725-1410 mm
Depth735 mm
Air supply8-10 bar
Air consumption350 l/min
Weight250 kg
Drawing of pit jack GDT

¹ Framewidth: 725-890 mm / 850-1150 mm / 1110-1410 mm


  • AB

    Accessories for pit jacks, Support bridge AB

    Capacity: 20 t

  • ABT

    Accessories for pit jacks, Telescopic support bridge ABT

    Capacity: 15 t

  • US-100 / US-130

    Accessories for pit jacks, U-saddle US

    Capacity: 10 t

  • FW2-90 / FW2-130

    Accessories for pit jacks, V-saddle FW2

    Capacity: 10 t

  • AS3

    Accessories for pit jacks, Gearbox saddle AS3

    Capacity: 1 t

  • T4-1

    Accessories for pit jacks, Cross beam adaptor T5

    Capacity: 15 t

  • T5-1

    Accessories for pit jacks, Cross beam adaptor T5

    Capacity: 15-11,5 t

  • T6-1

    Accessories for pit jacks, Cross beam adaptor T6

    Capacity: 13 t

  • GR