Capacity: 4,0 t


Air hydraulic jacking beam for passenger cars, vans and trucks

  • Strong and robust design makes it ideal for lifting heavy vehicles
  • Low closed height of only 230 mm
  • Flexible top support beam can be extended up to 1500 mm
  • Unique height adjustable support arm system – designed to fit all current lifts and pits (please order separately)
  • Two-hand lowering operation with dead man’s release, automatic safety locking device and overload valve for optimum safety
  • Supplied with 2 extension sets (50/100 mm)
  • Note: The support arms are not a part of the product and must be ordered separately. Please always state lift type to get the correct support arms. If your lift is not in AC's support arm list then always fill in the specification form
Air hydraulic jacking beam for passenger cars Air hydraulic jacking beam for vans Air hydraulic jacking beam for trucks Air hydraulic jacking beam for passenger cars, vans and trucks

Technical data

Weight (÷ support arms)175 kg
Capacity4 t
Stroke250 mm
Min. height230 mm
Telescopic arms780 - 1500 mm
Width (÷ support arms)780 - 1220 mm
Lifting frame (height)160 mm
Lifting frame (depth)345 mm
Air supply8,5 - 12 bar
Air consumption400 - 700 l/min
Drawing of jacking beam SD40PHL


  • HSD / HSD-A

    Accessories for jacking beam, Air-line connection HSD / HSD-A
  • FSD2 / FSD3

    Accessories for jacking beam, Rubber support FSD2 / FSD3
  • FW

    Accessories hydraulic jacks, Jack saddle FW

    Capacity: 10 t

  • FW1-90 / FW1-130

    Accessories hydraulic jacks, V-saddle FW1-90 / FW1-130

    Capacity: 10 t

  • FW3

    Accessories Saddle with rubber cushion
  • TR

    Accessories hydraulic jacks, Filter / lubricator / pressure regulator B25-2