About us


AC Hydraulic A/S is a family owned company situated in Viborg, Denmark.

The company was established in 1958 by master smith Anker Christensen (AC). Shortly after launching his handicraft and repair shop Anker Christensen was inspired to design and develop high quality lorry and workshop cranes.

His original concept became the base of production and the AC crane was soon known in all of Denmark for its high quality.

Development of a wide range of lifting equipment soon took place and with the extended product range the company was ready to move into export.

Today AC Hydraulic A/S is a medium-sized, financially sound company exporting more than 80% of its production. The company is managed by the 3rd generation, sole owners, Søren and Claus Anker Christensen.


Our products are “MADE IN DENMARK” in a modern high-tech production plant to a wide extent consisting of robots, laser cutting machines and state-of-the-art CNC machinery.

AC Hydraulic A/S employs 130 experienced and well-trained people that make it a point of honour to produce the best and most innovative quality products on the market.

We develop, produce and market our products in a modern 10.000 m2 plant and we invest regularly in new machines and production methods.


To be constantly at the leading edge of developments the AC product developers seek to improve the current product range as well as develop new products to meet market demands and needs.

We have therefore been able to build a strong market position and create a high level of customer satisfaction. AC has been successfully developed into a brand known for high quality and innovative solutions.


We make it a point of honour always to supply the best quality.

To ensure a constant high quality every product is being tested before shipment. This and many other points appear from our quality management system certified according to ISO 9001.

ISO 9001:2015


AC Hydraulic A/S is market leader within most of its product areas. Our range is being distributed world wide to more than 50 countries.

Our distribution network consists of carefully chosen dealers and partners, all of them dedicated as well as highly professional.

In most workshops all over Europe you can find an AC product – your guarantee for a thoroughly tested quality product you can rely on.


Our overall vision is to be one of the best and most respected hydraulic companies in Europe within our field of expertise. Nothing less.

We are constantly striving to improve on the original concepts of our values:

AC Hydraulic, excellence in quality

It is an everlasting pursuit of perfection and maybe we will never be able to live 100% up to all of our goals…. but we try!

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