Capacity: 3300 lb

WT1500N / WT1500NT

Hydraulic wheel trolley for agricultural and construction machinery

Rotate the wheel to align the studs perfectly when re-fitting the wheel ratchet strap secures the unbolted wheel in place to give maximum safety The handle for the hydraulic pump allows you to expand or retract the jaws without using any strength. Hydraulic wheel trolley for tractors, agricultural and contractorsr

Technical data

Handle for wheel rotationNoYes 
Capacity3300 lb3300 lb 
Height57.28 in57.28 in 
Length40.94 in40.94 in 
Width63.98 - 93.50 in63.98 - 93.50 in 
Roller length27.17 in27.17 in 
Roller distance35.43 - 64.96 in35.43 - 64.96 in 
Castor wheelØ 7.87 inØ7.87 in 
Wheel sizesØ 39.37 in - 94.49 inØ 39.37 in - 94.49 in 
Weight661 lb661 lb 
Drawing of Hydraulic wheel trolley WT1500N / WT150NT