Capacity: 22000 / 33000 / 44000 lb


Air hydraulic twin ram pit jack, with an automatic mechanical safety lock

  • 2 individually controlled rams offer safe and balanced lifting
  • Rapid and precise air hydraulic unit with high speed ram travel
  • Simple modern design with control panel at ergonomical working height
  • Transversely sliding rams
  • Can be made to fit all pits due to its adjustable frame
  • Frame height is adjusted and set to the customers individual specifications
  • Comprehensive option range: cross beam, support bridge etc.
  • Supplied with 2 x 3.94 in extensions
  • When ordering fill out specification form
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Air hydraulic twin ram pit jack individually controlled rams Air hydraulic twin ram pit jack ergonomical working height Air hydraulic twin ram pit jack fit all pits Air hydraulic twin ram pit jack

Technical data

Weight485 lb485 lb485 lb 
Capacity22000 lb33000 lb44000 lb 
Stroke16.54 in16.54 in16.54 in 
Min. height22 in22 in22 in 
Max. height20.67 in20.67 in20.67 in 
Width¹23.23-55.51 in23.23-55.51 in23.23-55.51 in 
Depth25.55 in25.55 in25.55 in 
Lifting points²7.87-45.67 in7.87-45.67 in7.87-45.67 in 
Air supply8-12 bar8-12 bar8-12 bar 
Air consumption350 l/min350 l/min350 l/min 
Drawing of twin pit jack

¹ Framewidth: 23.23-35.04 in / 33.46-45.28 in / 43.70-55.51 in

² Distance between lifting points: 7.87-25.20 in / 7.87-38.98 in / 7.87-45.67 in


  • AB

    Accessories for pit jacks, Support bridge AB

    Capacity: 44000 lb

  • ABT

    Accessories for pit jacks, Telescopic support bridge ABT

    Capacity: 33000 lb

  • T4-2

    Accessories for pit jacks, Cross beam adaptor T5

    Capacity: 33000 lb

  • T5-2

    Accessories for pit jacks, Cross beam adaptor T5

    Capacity: 33000-25300 lb

  • T6-2

    Accessories for pit jacks, Cross beam adaptor T6

    Capacity: 28660 lb

  • LB

    Accessories for pit jacks, Diff beam LB

    Capacity: 44000 lb

  • FW2

    Accessories for pit jacks, V-saddle FW2

    Capacity: 22000 lb

  • US

    Accessories for pit jacks, U-saddle US

    Capacity: 22000 lb

  • FG100 / FG200

    Accessories for pit jacks, Extension FG100 / FG200

    Capacity: 22000 lb

  • VB

    Accessories for pit jacks, Wall bracket VB1 / VB2