Capacity: 55000 / 22000 lb


Air hydraulic aircraft jack

  • Compact and slim design for easy operation and manoeuvrability
  • Ergonomic handle with push buttons
  • The jack can be operated by either compressed-air, nitrogen from the aircraft wheels or a mobile nitrogen service cart
  • Rapid ram retraction without load
  • Safety features include manual lowering valve, safety overload valve and dead mans release
  • Designed and manufactured according to the aircraft standards: EN1915:2001 and EN12312:2005
Air hydraulic jacks for aircrafts Air hydraulic aircraft jack Air hydraulic aircraft jack slim design Air hydraulic aircraft jack

Technical data

Weight123 lb 
Capacity55000 / 22000 lb 
Min. height7.09 in 
Max. height10.24 / 14.33 in 
Frame length30.12 in 
Handle length45.67 in 
Width6.30 in 
Width (with wheels)12.20 in 
Air supply9 - 12 bar 
Air consumption350 l/min 
Drawing of Air hydraulic aircraft jack 25-2AP

NLG - Nose Landing Gear


  • B737-100 / -200 / -300 / -400 / -500
  • B737-600 thru -900