Capacity: 35000 lb


Axle stands for the heavy lifting jobs

  • Suitable for exceptionally heavy vehicles, e.g. large trucks, contractor’s machinery, military vehicles etc.
  • Adjustable in several heights (3-6 positions)
  • Robust construction ensures maxi-mum stability and long life
Axle stand 16 tons Axle stand Axle stand for exceptionally heavy veihcles Axle stands for exceptionally heavy veihcles

Technical data

Capacity35000 lb35000 lb35000 lb 
Min. height (A)11.42 in17.32 in26.57 in 
Max. height (B)17.91 in28.54 in44.29 in 
Width (C)12.20 in18.11 in21.65 in 
Net weight33 lb44 lb68 lb 
Drawing of axle stands AB16

All dimensions are to the upper saddle edge

Always use axle stands to support the vehicle before working under it
No person shall remain in, on or under a load that is being jacked or is supported only by a jack