How to attract the best mechanics to your workshop

Today, there is a distortion in supply and demand for young and highly skilled mechanics – a distortion in favour of the mechanics. As a result, workshops struggle to attract and retain the best employees, which challenges their ability to deliver high-quality repair work. In this article, we propose a way for workshops to overcome these difficulties and attract the best staff by offering improved soft values.

Yes, you heard it right: Soft values. And yes, improving soft values is probably not the first thing that springs to mind, when thinking about a traditionally male-dominated world like a garage. However, in recent years, improving working and staff conditions has become increasingly important for workshops. Why? Because the much-coveted, heavy-duty mechanics expect it.

Why are soft values important?

Back in the day, let’s say 50, 40 or just 20 years ago, being a mechanic was very different from today: You had to toil all day long, the payment was low, and safety at work seemed to be less of a concern.

Today, the wage rate is fixed in accordance with collective agreements and other arrangements, working hours have been reduced, and safety standards have improved. These improvements are a major step in the right direction.

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However, when all modern workshops meet the new standards, they become the new normal. So, to differentiate from competitors and attract the best mechanics, workshops must offer new and additional benefits.

Soft values are key to loyal and dedicated employees

Soft values come in many shapes and sizes, and workshops can boost their attraction with relatively simple activities, for example by offering a company lunch programme, social activities after work, and private health insurance. However, if workshops really want to make themselves popular among professionals, they need to offer working tools and facilities that improve the ergonomics of the job for mechanics.